Weekly Wrap || February 19th, 2022

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February 19th, 2022

This Weekly Wrap is more like three Weekly Wraps in a trench coat. Whether or not this was done on purpose is still under investigation. 🕵️

Life Beyond the Blog

So, it’s been a time. Recovering from COVID, returning to work, picking up more books, and trying to just keep it together. I’ve been tearing out my hear a little (not literally, at least) as I try to keep my feet firmly underneath me. By and large, it’s been hard, especially since we lost a rabbit last week.

Moo was almost 11 years old, and we proceeded with humane euthanasia last week. An x-ray revealed three tumors crowding her heart and lungs that hadn’t been there last year, and she was suffering immensely. Letting her go was the right choice, even if it was a bitterly painful one.

Now, a week out from saying goodbye, everything still hurts. That’s expected, you know? But it hurts less, and I at least know we made the right choice. That said, her absence has absolutely weighed on me, and made it difficult to do things lately. There’s a sense of something that’s just wrong, and even though I know exactly what it is, it still lingers like it’s nameless, like it’ll never leave.

I’m okay. I’ll be okay, but missing Moo has consumed a lot of my time lately, and it’s hard to admit to much else. Even with some three weeks between this Weekly Wrap and the last, I don’t know that I have much to say. It’s been COVID, losing Moo, going back to a 35-hour work week while still struggling with fatigue.


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The Week Ahead

Looks like it’s going to be grief, work, rinse, repeat for a little while. Time will make things easier to bear, and I’m expecting work to become more restful soon, as we’ve finally managed to welcome more staff into the office and lift some of the weight we’ve been staggering under.

Time and emotional bandwidth allowing, though, I plan to use this weekend to rest and reconnect. My sister is down for the count recovering from getting her wisdom teeth out, and we’ve been watching Leverage together since losing Moo. It’s nice to bond over a TV show, especially one I already love so dearly. And even though wisdom teeth removal doesn’t have a terribly long recovery period, we’re more than happy to steal a few extra hours to relax together.

Other than that, it’s all little things. Mend a ripped seam here, build a little knock-off Lego Eevee there. Nothing towering or terrifying besides somehow hauling myself out of bed at 6am a couple times for the morning shift.

It will be doable, and all will be well.


I hope you’ve all been staying safe and healthy, and that you’ve come across things that bring you great joy in the last couple weeks. Until next week, friends. 💛

6 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap || February 19th, 2022

  1. I’m sorry for your loss, the pain is absolutely un-mesureable 💔 Ofcourse you did the best for her, now she shall be happy & feel no more pain wherever she is now. Though Iknow this doesn’t really make the pain any less.. Allow yourself time to grief properly xx
    Take care of yourself, sending all my love

    1. Thank you very much, Kristina. 💔 I miss her a lot and I’m doing my best to rest and grieve in a healthy way. She was my cranky old lady and I’ve never wanted anything but the very best for her.

    1. Thank you, Destiny. It’s only February, but 2022 can suck it at this point. 😔 Hopefully things shape up, but in the meantime, at least we were able to bury her next to her husbun, who passed last year.

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