Weekly Wrap || March 5th, 2022

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March 5th, 2022

There are many things happening, so many things especially since the last Weekly Wrap, but the biggest news in my life? My office no longer has an office cat. 😔

Beyond the Blog

So, the good news is that nothing is wrong with the office cat. In fact, she’s being rehomed with another employee! The bad news is that she’s being rehomed for biting a client. Not even hard enough to draw blood, but you can’t have an office cat that bites. You just can’t. And so yesterday was her swan song, and we will send her off to her new home with many treats. May she grow plump and spoiled in the care of my coworker, who would happily let this little cat chew her arm clear off before scolding her.

Cat dramatics aside, life is…life. Like many of you, I feel like I’m bracing for the next round of news regarding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, while also stumbling through this awful state of “COVID is running rampant but preventative measures are disappearing rapidly and it’s just stressful as hell.” Every hour feels like another wave of uncertainty and frustration, and it’s left me drained. Even news that should excite me, like the announcement of Pokémon’s ninth generation of mainline games, wears off quickly. Things are just too much.

As a result, I think I’ve been relying on a flurry of little things to carry me through. A mug purchased here, some fabric purchased there, and then toys and such for my rabbits, just to keep my mind from getting mired in doom and gloom for too long. It’s probably not the smartest way to approach things, but it’s certainly the least exhausting option. 🥴


Posts This Week

Tower Talks: Röki


The Week Ahead

It feels like a particularly vain wish to ask for next week to be better than this. There’s so much happening the world right now, so shouldn’t I be wishing for that to improve first?

But focusing on things I don’t have power over is what’s made this week tough to begin with, so I’m trying to keep my eyes on my own life a little more, if only to reduce the sheer amount of overwhelm that’s going on.

With any luck, this week will be a reading week. Last week wasn’t, for a myriad of reasons, and I have a lot of titles I really want to sink my teeth into. Plus, I’m hoping one of these books will give me an idea for celebrating Hail & Well Read’s blogiversary, which is next Thursday! I still haven’t written up a post for that because I haven’t decided how to mark the occasion. I did a giveaway and Q&A last year, but I want to do something new this time. If I can find the inspiration to make it happen, I suppose.

I’d also like to explore a little baking, if there’s time. I’m not a very good baker right now, but my parents have decided they will no longer buy basically anything considered a dessert, and I have to take matters into my own hands. If that means making my own cookies and whatnot, so be it. I don’t know if I’ll make it to the next Weekly Wrap without a sleeve of Oreos or something. Chocolate and other sugary goodies are my lifeblood. I’ll wither away without them!

Whatever happens, though, I’m planning to try and enjoy the blogiversary, and just knock a couple things off my to do list. Little accomplishments are going to count this week. They’re going to count for a lot.


May you and yours stay happy and healthy. Let’s chat, and then we’ll catch up again next Weekly Wrap!

4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap || March 5th, 2022

  1. Oh no; that’s unfortunate for the kitty.. though happy to hear she’d be getting a happy home instead of being put down! Might your coworker bring you lots of pictures!!

    1. Yeah, we NEVER would have considered euthanasia for her, because she’s a great cat otherwise. We think she’s just overstimulated in the office and needs a quieter environment, maybe the company of another cat. I’m sure my coworker will have PLENTY of pictures to share!

  2. Hahahaha, the kitty sounds ferociously adorable (and I’m sure the client deserved it).
    Let me know how you’re going on the baking front, as I’ve just started baking again after 3 years with almost no baking being done here!!

    1. The client didn’t deserve it per se, but she also riled the cat up and didn’t read her very clear body language, so… 🤷

      And OOPS no baking has happened, because everything has just tumbled together catastrophically. However, my mother has forgotten her sugary goodies ban, so I’m safe until she remembers!

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