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Two T5T topics together are better than one, right?

Since I missed last week’s Top 5 Tuesday, which was all about snacks, and since this week is about the best drinks to have on hand during reading hours, why not combine them into one? Is this because I’m very picky about what I consume? Perhaps. And is it also because I can’t believe I missed last week? Maybe. But reading refreshments are important to have on hand, so we’re doing it anyway!

And as ever, shoutout to Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads for running T5T (and tolerating my entirely unpredictable approach to actually completing the topics assigned)!

Goldfish Crackers

The snack that smiles back will forever top this list. It’s the crunchy little king of my snack world, and I will not relent. Cheese, salt, crunchy crackery goodness? Honestly, if I’m not careful, it’s far too easy to plow through one of those gallon containers all by myself. Far and away my snack of choice.



Popcorn holds its own, though, even against classic contenders like goldfish! It’s warm and buttery and fantastic, and I prefer it when I’m reading a physical book that’s easier to prop up without glare on a screen or something. That way, I can keep reading without smudging things in butter. One hand is for turning pages, and the other is for snacking. Trust me, I have this method down to a science!



By now, you’ve probably realized there’s a pattern here. Salty snacks are just dominating the playing field, and show no signs of letting up! Pretzels are here to continue the trend, too. I’ll eat almost any kind of pretzel, but I have a soft spot in my heart for those sourdough pretzel nuggets, and the braided butter twists that only some brands make. Superior salt and crunch, and also very easy to eat one handed when you have to focus on the intense scene you’re reading!


Lemon Water

SURPRISE, it’s not another crunchable! See, I can be healthy now and again? (Just occasionally, though. My reading refreshments of choice lean overwhelmingly towards junk food. Oops.)

Jokes aside, this is honestly a daily staple. Nine times out of ten, you can find me with a tall glass of cold water with fresh lemon. Or with my Yeti tumbler full of it too, I guess. That thing stays cold! No matter the vessel, though, it’s usually close at hand. If I don’t have it nearby, I tend to forget to stay hydrated, especially since plain old water in my area isn’t exactly amazing. A little lemon goes a long way, though, and always feels fresh!



And, we’re back to the not so healthy side of things, with zero shame attached. There is no universe in which I turn down a milkshake while reading. By extension, ice cream kind of counts, but it doesn’t fit the “easy to turn pages with one hand, eat with the other” rule, since it’s smarter to hang onto the bowl instead of accidentally flinging ice cream around. So, milkshake! Hands free with a side table and a straw, or one-handed if you don’t mind letting one hand get really cold. Plus, flavor combos are pretty much endless, and it’s perfect for beating the summer heat!

Of all my favorite reading refreshments, I suppose this one takes the most work to acquire, but you know what? Worth it.


There you have it! All the best munchies and crunchies to supplement the reading experience. Do you and I share any favorites? What kind of snacks do you find ideal when you pick up a book? Let’s chat!

7 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday || Reading Refreshments

    1. I’m lucky enough to live with my family right now, and they have a nice blender, so it’s pretty accessible for me. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t be able to call it a go-to!

      May you get an excellent milkshake soon! 🥤

  1. I feel like popcorn can lend itself to the healthy side too!! It’s not just lemon water by itself… (but I am here for the milkshakes and pretzels 🤤)

  2. I love popcorn!! Pretzels are very important – I’ve only had the hard ones but I’m definitely up for the soft ones too.

    Milkshakes are great! My fave is strawberry and then any ‘berry’ thing 😅 have you tried dipping fries into milkshakes? I’ve only done it with strawberry but it is fantastic 🤩

    1. Soft pretzels are a bit of an out and about treat since they’re best warm and fresh baked, so I usually only have them at the movies or something, but they’re sooooo worth it. Some folks dip theirs in cheese, but I’m just happy with some butter and salt!

      If it has “berry” in it, it’s probably tasty!! And YES, I love doing that! My family thinks I’ve lost it but that’s not my problem. I have a tastier snack than all of them and they’re just cowards! 😂

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