Hail & Well Read on Hiatus || Never Too Old for Summer Break!

Hiatus Header Until August 1st 2022

Just because I’m not a student any more doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate summer break.

More than that, it doesn’t mean I couldn’t use a break. Which is why today I’m giving you a few details on the upcoming Hail & Well Read hiatus. I know, I know, hiatuses are no fun, but a little rest now will mean a lot in the future. And never fear, because there’s even a plan! Summer break starts now! ☀️

When is Hiatus?

Unfortunately? Right now. I hate taking a hiatus during Pride, but as the saying goes, if you don’t schedule time for system maintenance, your system will schedule it for you. And you know what? Why not use Pride to treat myself? Take a break, shake off some pressure… Yeah, it’s vacation season, even for the blog.

This means Hail & Well Read is going to be on hiatus until August 1st, 2022.


Why Hiatus?

Because I’m so burnt out, I’m like a beautiful little s’mores, dropped tragically into the heart of the fire pit during the family camping trip. There’s a lot going on in my life, including dealing with long COVID and multiple vet visits (including an emergency surgery). Everything is now on the mend except my mental health, and I need to just slow down.

Scratch that, I need a full stop. But since I still have to go to work, slow is all I can get. That means very gently setting the blog down on a beach towel and letting it rest for the summer. Get some rays, enjoy the weather, basically do all the things that summer break is for. And by that, I mean the blog will be metaphorically doing these things. I will either be at my workplace, or hiding indoors where my allergies can’t attempt to murder me once more. 🥴


What’s Included in Hiatus?

You got me. I can’t quit completely. Like the last time I took a hiatus, back in 2020, I’ll still be posting ARC reviews when possible. I feel a real responsibility there, especially for debut and underrepresented authors. Also, I miss posting my reviews before the pub date instead of scrambling to say things after.

But regular reviews, Top 5 Tuesday, Tower Talks…anything like that will not return until August. This June/July hiatus buffer gives me room to work without the pressure of putting out posts on time all the time, and sticking to only ARC reviews means I don’t have to brainstorm nearly as much or as often.

In this sense, H&WR isn’t going on a traditional hiatus so much as a half-hiatus.


Where Will I Go for Hiatus?

My summer break will probably not be spent on Instagram (though you’re welcome to pop by), but chances are good you’ll still find me on Twitter. I’m making an attempt not to be on social media as much while I get my bearings, but I can’t quit completely. And what’s summer break without a little bit of goofing off online?



And there you have it! Take care of yourselves, have a happy Pride Month, and I’ll see you all again in August! ❤️💛

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