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Hail and Well Met, Friend!

I’m Meaghan, one and only blogger here at Hail & Well Read! Since March 2018, when I founded this blog as The Words Gremlin, I’ve been reading more than ever, and by extension, using the social powers of the internet to connect with other readers so we can be excited together. Or disgusted. Really, depends on the book. I certainly hope it’s the former, though…

Anyhow, there are probably a few things you should know about me.

• I use she/her or they/them pronouns!

• I’m an OwnVoices aroace reviewer!

• I have four pet rabbits that I love very much, even if they refuse to sit still for photos!

• I probably overuse exclamation points, but you cannot stop me!

• My go-to RPG class is a cleric!

• My superpower is never losing socks in the wash!

• I make book sleeves!

Seven is usually a good fantasy number, so we’ll call it quits there. But by all means, stick around! At Hail & Well Read, I’m not here to be the person running the show, unknowable and distant. I’m more like the helpful barkeep in the tavern where the party first meets, giving the first clues on where to go, always here for a check-in and a pick-me-up. Need a new book to read? Fresh eyes on an old favorite? A chat about something other than reading?

You’ve found the place, friend. Happy adventuring!


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The Astonishing Color of After — The Ten Thousand Doors of January — The Priory of the Orange Tree

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me — Truthwitch — Shadow of the Fox — The Hate U Give


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