Kelly Coon at Totem Books Recap

Kelly Coon Totem Books Banner
Banner from the U of M Flint English Department Facebook Event Page

Last Wednesday, in the final leg of her debut tour, Kelly Coon came to Totem Books in Flint to talk about Gravemaidens! Last Wednesday, I ALSO went to Totem Books because I wanted to hear Kell talk about her book. And also because I’m part of her Skeleton Crew. Moral support is what we do! 💙

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Nicola’s Books Fierce Reads Tour Stop Recap

Fierce Reads Tour Banner

Banner from Fierce Reads’ 2019 Fall Tour Announcement

This previous Thursday, I had the opportunity to head over to Nicola’s Books in Ann Arbor to see Sara Faring, L.L. McKinney, Margaret Owen, and Katy Rose Pool talk about their books as part of the Fierce Reads Fall 2019 tour! As can be expected, it was a delight to hear these ladies talk about their books and the journeys behind them, and today, I’ve brought you a recap of the night so you can learn some of the fun details these ladies had to share too!

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