The Wednesday Pen || December 2020 Writing Recap

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I’ll admit it now: I’ve written next to nothing this month.

Normally, I’d hate to write that. But this Wednesday Pen comes on the heels of NaNoWriMo, and it marks the end of 2020. Frankly, I think we all deserve a little rest here, and I’ll take any words I can get right now.

Thankfully, December wasn’t entirely full of rest, and I did eke out a few batches of personal words, so today, we’ll dig into those! Continue reading “The Wednesday Pen || December 2020 Writing Recap”

Top 5 Tuesday || Posts of 2020

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Hope you don’t mind if I toot my own horn for a hot minute.

It’s been one hell of a year, so why shouldn’t I? Thankfully, Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads has made the final Top 5 Tuesday of the year perfect for doing so. She left us a freebie this week, and I’m using it to share my favorite posts of 2020, the ones I worked the hardest on or had the most fun sharing. I hope they’ll bring a smile to your face as we close out the year, and that there’s plenty more posts like these to come!

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Miscellaneous Magic || End of the Year Book Tag

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I can never resist a good tag, even if I haven’t been formally tagged.

And the End of the Year Book Tag is a more rewarding one than most! I didn’t do it last year, but I’m giving it a whirl this year. Maybe 2020 was a mess, but I sure read a lot of books, and it’s fun to look back at all the good times I’ve had.

Less fun to look back and notice a couple of low star reads, but isn’t that all part of the process anyhow?

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Top 5 Tuesday || Books of 2020

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It’s time to call it: here are the very best titles of the year.

Okay, so it’s a little subjective, but hush, we knew it would be that way. That’s the whole point of Top 5 Tuesday (oh so graciously hosted by Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads)! More than that, it’s the point of naming the best five books of 2020, which is a surprisingly easy thing to do. If you’re struggling, just do what I do, and search for books you’ve rated five stars.

Or you could do what I also do and agonize over every little detail in your reviews until you’re 100% certain these are the best! Harder than it looks, I guess! 🥴

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Tower Talks || 80 Days

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Can you travel around the world in 80 days?

Created by inkle studios, 80 Days spins the classic Jules Verne tale into a fresh, interactive story with thousands of outcomes at your fingertips. As the assistant to Phileas Fogg, the man who has taken a wager to circumnavigate the globe within 80 days, you must make decisions that will take you across the finish line in time, all while balancing your bank account, your relationship to Phileas Fogg, and the obstacles standing in your way!

It’s 1872, and your journey starts now.

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Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

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Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia

Goodreads || The StoryGraph || Bookshop || Silvia’s Twitter

After receiving a frantic letter from her newlywed cousin begging for someone to save her from a mysterious doom, Noemí Taboada heads to High Place, a distant house in the Mexican countryside. She’s not sure what she will find – her cousin’s husband, a handsome Englishman, is a stranger, and Noemí knows little about the region.

Noemí is also an unlikely rescuer: She’s a glamorous debutante, and her chic gowns and perfect red lipstick are more suited for cocktail parties than amateur sleuthing. But she’s also tough and smart, with an indomitable will, and she is not afraid: not of her cousin’s new husband, who is both menacing and alluring; not of his father, the ancient patriarch who seems to be fascinated by Noemí; and not even of the house itself, which begins to invade Noemi’s dreams with visions of blood and doom.

Her only ally in this inhospitable abode is the family’s youngest son. Shy and gentle, he seems to want to help Noemí but might also be hiding dark knowledge of his family’s past. For there are many secrets behind the walls of High Place. The family’s once colossal wealth and faded mining empire kept them from prying eyes, but as Noemí digs deeper she unearths stories of violence and madness.

And Noemí, mesmerized by the terrifying yet seductive world of High Place, may soon find it impossible to ever leave this enigmatic house behind.


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Top 5 Tuesday || Covers of 2020

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If you say you’ve never judged a book by its cover, I’m not sure I believe you.

Frankly, book covers do too much work for us not to judge them. Sure, the quality of the book inside may vary, but covers are so important in that initial moment of contact, and do so much work! These covers, though, are my favorite covers of 2020, and the topic of today’s Top 5 Tuesday post! Meeghan @ Meeghan Reads is the wonderful host, and is absolutely killing me with her excellent topic choices!

Now, let’s judge some covers. Some really, really good covers.

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The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab

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The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab

Goodreads || The StoryGraph || Bookshop || Victoria’s Twitter

A Life No One Will Remember. A Story You Will Never Forget.

France, 1714: in a moment of desperation, a young woman makes a Faustian bargain to live forever and is cursed to be forgotten by everyone she meets.

Thus begins the extraordinary life of Addie LaRue, and a dazzling adventure that will play out across centuries and continents, across history and art, as a young woman learns how far she will go to leave her mark on the world.

But everything changes when, after nearly 300 years, Addie stumbles across a young man in a hidden bookstore and he remembers her name.


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