Review Policy

YES, I am currently open to review requests. Please note, however, that I am being selective at this time, and will only accept traditionally published books. I also may decline requests even if this page says I am open to them, whether due to a lack of interest in the offered title, short-term schedule constraints, or other reasons I may not divulge. Thanks for understanding, and I hope we can work together to show some upcoming titles some love!

I am interested in:

  • YA and some adult fiction
  • fantasy, paranormal, and adventure
  • LGBTQIA+ OwnVoices fiction (especially asexual, aromantic, nonbinary, and sapphic stories, all of which I am an OwnVoices reader for)

I will not accept:

  • poetry
  • religious novels
  • excessively gory novels
  • self-published novels (at this time)

Please give me advance warning for novels:

  • dealing heavily with sexual assault
  • dealing heavily with the death of a sibling, especially a younger sibling

My reviews include:

  • my honest opinion, attached to a rating out of 5 stars
  • a picture of the book’s cover
  • links to the book’s Goodreads, StoryGraph, and Bookshop pages
  • links to the author’s Twitter or website (or both/a different related site, if requested)

I post my reviews to:

  • Goodreads
  • Amazon
  • other retail sites upon request

To request a review, please visit my Contact Me page OR email me at!