Miscellaneous Magic || Q&A with Kelly Coon, Author of Warmaidens!

Q&A with Kelly Coon Banner

It’s time for a Hail & Well Read first: an interview with Kelly Coon!

Never before has there been an author visiting H&WR, and I’m delighted to kick things off through this Q&A with Kelly Coon! Last year, I had the pleasure of joining her Skeleton Crew street team, and of meeting her during one of her tour stops. Now, with COVID standing in the way, we can’t exactly do a fun event together in person, but we can sure toss some questions back and forth!

And I’d be silly not to mention that we’re also celebrating the upcoming release of Warmaidens, the conclusion of Kell’s Gravemaidens duology! This Q&A is part of the official blog tour, and I hope it gives you all a taste of the excitement to come! 💛

Now, if you’re ready for some questions, I think I’m ready too. Let’s hop to it, scorpions and all! 🦂

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