Friday for Funsies || How I Choose a Rating

Friday for Funsies

Sometimes, the hardest part about book blogging is making up your mind. Seriously, it’s hard to decide what book to read next (especially if you’re a mood reader), or how to structure your reviews (I’m still not sure I have this worked out).

Choosing ratings, though? Oh geez. How are you supposed to put a number on a book?How do you boil it all down to a number one through five? Is there witchcraft involved? Bribery? Throwing a dart at a spinning wheel and seeing where it sticks?

(The answers are see below, we’re getting to that, yes, no, and sometimes.)

But hey, that’s what this post is for. I’ve managed to figure out how to rate books without wanting to tear my hair out, and it’s high time I share that knowledge. I’ll even start off easy, saving all the complicated ratings witchcraft for last! Really, you have nothing to fear, I promise.

Yes, even you, the person who doesn’t like ratings at all. I see you. I’ve got you covered.

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Friday for Funsies || How to Survive a Book Blogging Slump

Friday for Funsies

It’s a terrifying fact of book blogging that eventually, the slump comes for us all. It tends to sneak up right when you’re teetering on the edge of burnout, and then…IT PUSHES YOU RIGHT OVER THE EDGE.

I say this from the bottom of the blogging slump pit. I know. I’ve been there. And because I’m climbing out of it, I figure I might as well share my words of wisdom along the way.

At least, I think they’re wise. But how about you be the judge of that?

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