Not a Book! Thursday || TAZ: Amnesty

Not a Book

Now that about a month has passed since the close of TAZ: Amnesty, it’s time for the post you’ve all been waiting for (at least, I hope): my oh-so-professional PODCAST OPINIONS!

Even if you weren’t waiting for them, though, they’re here all the same, complete with spoilers so I can discuss this campaign in full. For those of you that haven’t finished the arc, I recommend coming back later!

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Friday for Funsies || TAZ: Amnesty Book Recs

Friday for Funsies

While TAZ: Balance is the love of my podcast life, TAZ: Amnesty is giving it a run for its money. Featuring oddball cryptids in the West Virginia woods, monsters with a purpose bigger and darker than we could ever know, and a trio of player characters who are SOMEHOW mostly finding their footing in this weird world they’ve been hurled into, Amnesty is the charming spooky woods arc I didn’t know I’ve been waiting for.

Which NATURALLY means it’s time for another set of book recommendations! Characters are listed in their rough order of appearance, so if you’re not caught up with Amnesty, you can duck (HA) out whenever you really need to.

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Friday for Funsies || TAZ: Balance Book Recs

Friday for Funsies

It’s no secret that I love The Adventure Zone: Balance. You might have seen my review of it last October, and even if you haven’t, I feel like I probably mention it often enough on social media that it shouldn’t be a surprise.

But honestly, what better way to celebrate how much I love this campaign than to do a list of book recs by character? So, figure out your favorite, and then waltz on down below the cut to see what I’ve recommended for them!

And hey, if you’re not done with Balance yet, or have any intention of starting it, don’t stray too far beyond the first few characters/wherever you’re at in the campaign. This post absolutely contains spoilers, but it’s organized roughly by appearance/moment of major relevant characterization so that you can quit while you’re ahead if you have to.

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